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Time to clean out the cobwebs!

Okay, news to date:

9/26/2009 – I got married to a wonderful woman named Heather!  Yay me!

11/22/2009 – I purchased my dream car!  A 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta V6.


My 1982 Chevrolet Camaro

I bought it for $700.  It sat in a barn for 14 years.  It has very little rust.  For now I just want to get it running.  At some point I want to make it the car I always wanted!

2/21/2010 – I find out that Wil Wheaton is going to be at PAX East as the keynote speaker!  I missed out on the three day passes, but I did manage to finagle a Friday pass so I can hear him give his speech!

I think that catches up on dates.  I’m looking forward to motorcycle season coming soon.  I had my seat recovered and I purchased a used radiator to replace the accident-damaged one on the bike.  No, not my accident, it was wrecked before I got it.  Now to get replace ment throttle cables and replacement handlebars.  The throttle cable is frayed and the handlebars bent.

My daughter Sabrina is looking forward to going riding this year too.  I’ll need to get her a helmet, jacket, pants, and gloves in the next few months.

Man, I haven’t been here in a while…

LOTS has happened!

3/31/2009 – I bought a motorcyle!  See my motorcycling blog for details; http://theuprightmotorcyclebrigade.wordpress.com/2009/03/31/1983-honda-cx650-custom-my-new-project/.

8/11/2009 – Heather and I purchase a duplex!  Awesome!  I’ll post some pics soon.

9/26/2009 – We are set to be married!  More awesome!

So, those are the big items.  Work has been work, quite busy this last week.  We’ve got a HUGE project that means a lot to the company and they asked for Erick and myself to assist.  (Note: Erick is my supervisor… kinda)

The house has been a project too!  It was built in 1914 as near as we can tell.  It cost us nearly $90,000 and will cost almost double that when you figure in interest for 30 years.  I signed us up for bi-weekly payments that shaves nearly 10 years off that.  Right now the big project for the house is the kitchen floor.  Currently it is just plywood as we are saving to get the vinyl tiles to lay down.  It is a bit of an incovenience as we have no stove while we are waiting.

Well, that’s it for now!  See you soon!

New Stuff!

Well I managed to get some money together to buy some stuff I’ve been wanting/needing:

New Horn – After an incident on the way home last night I decided I needed a real car horn. The horn on my Saturn can’t even be heard if you are standing directly in front of it. I’ve heard louder noises come from a marshmallow. Anyways, I bought this kewl horn at Advance Auto Parts.

ScanGaugeII – After wanting one for about a year, I finally am able to afford it. This device has so many uses! I can read codes from my car’s on-board computer and monitor live information while I’m driving! Their website is here.

Robotech Remastered DVD’s – I loved this show as a teenager, and now I finally found it so I can watch it again! Very awesome Anime stuff! Read about Robotech here. Amazingly enough, I found them at Circuit City!

Bad Day

  1. Prior to today: Work has been sucking.  Recent project is slow and a PITA.  Unrealistic expectations.
  2. This morning upon waking up: My 4-year-old Garmin iQue M5 decided to turn on it’s “blue” light.  I have no idea why.  Nothing in the structions, no help from their website.  Great.
  3. At work: Work continued to suck.  Found out deadline for Wednesday is now moved back a few weeks.  Priorities will be reprioritized and I will wish they would just let me finish something before jacking me off to the next thing.
  4. Come home: Back hurts like mad.  Don’t know why.  Help dad assemble table on porch for yard sale.  Rip my new slacks.  Great.

Not my day.  I want to go do something fun.

We Americans are Stupid!

Okay, maybe not all of us.  What I’m referring to is the idiocy surrounding certain current events; gas prices and food costs.

Let’s start with the gas prices!

  • Everyday I read some article about people whining about gas prices or hear about them in person at work or wherever I’m at.  Typically, the people that are whining are driving non fuel-efficient cars.  Duh!  Flippin’ morons!  The price of EVERYTHING goes up!  It’s called inflation.  I don’t know how it works, but when is the last time a price dropped on something and stayed down?  NEVER.  If the American public bothered to buy their cars by doing research and picking the best one rather than just buying what “looks pretty”, we wouldn’t be in this pickle!  I hear people complaining that their car gets lousy gas mileage.  Duh!  You bought the thing, you should have known.  Then they say that there aren’t any good mileage cars out there.  That’s because you idiots bought all the low efficiency ones so the companies stopped making the efficient ones.  Here’s an example: My 2002 Saturn SL1 gets 41 MPG highway.  The current Saturn ION get 31 MPG highway.  Frikkin’ stupid people stopped buying the SL1 because it was underpowered.  So now you can’t by a car that gets good fuel mileage BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS WOULDN’T BUY THEM!  STOP COMPLAINING!  You’re the reason!  Duh!
  • On another note.  Idiot Hybrid Drivers.  Okay, you bought a Prius.  Yay for you.  Here I am driving to work at 60 MPH (5 below the limit) as you fly by at 70+ MPH.  You’re a moron.  Speeding in a hybrid is an oxymoron.  It defeats the purpose.  Slow your butt down and drive correctly.  I know a guy that gets 70+ MPG in his Prius.  I could find several more if I looked.  It’s not hard.
  • SUV’s.  Do you live in the jungle?  No.  You’re driving your full-size SUV back and forth to work and putting darn near $100 in the gas tank each week.  What kind of dolt are you?

Now for food costs!

  • We’re in a food shortage you morons.  Not enough stuff, price goes up.  Simple economics.  Duh.  Add in fuel costs (see above rant) and it goes up more.  Quit being wasteful idiots and it would help.

In conclusion:

So instead of being smart, us Americans are stupid.  We buy HUGE SUV’s and drive them at 70+ and wonder where all the money’s going.  Duh.

Note: I know some of you (if anyone reads this) are going to say, “Hey, I need an SUV because I live on a dirt road and have 5 kids!”  Okay fine, some people may “need” their SUV.  That’s fine.  I’m talking about the idiots that buy them just because they can.  I’ve purchased sports cars because I like them.  However, I won’t then say “OMG, the gas prices are so high!”  Why?  Because I know that sports cars use gas like mad.  It’s my own fault for buying it.  Hence why I own a fuel-efficient economy car.  I’m geeky.  I’m a data analyst.  I track my fuel mileage every fill up.  And guess what?  The gas prices have been steadily rising.  I knew this over a year ago!  You folks who are just now complaining are stupid.

Want to know what your mileage should be?  Go to this site: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/ and check!  Then add the City and the Highway and divide by 2 to get a general average.

Want to know how to make your car more fuel efficient?  Go to this site: http://www.gassavers.org/.  The most effective way to increase your fuel efficiency however is to adjust the nut between the steering wheel and the driver’s seat (You).

Movies, movies, movies!

It’s the summer of movies!  Man, the list is long, the action is never ending, this is gonna be AWESOME!  Here is a list of the top movies I want to see this summer:






New Post Tuesday!

Augh!  It’s frikkin’ New Post Tuesday already and I haven’t got a flippin’ clue what to write about!


Umm… Iron Man was awesome!…  ?  No, not good enough.  What the heck, during the week, I’ve had a million things run through my mind.  Now they are all gone.  WTF?

Well, I haven’t been writing nearly enough.  My book sits untouched since last week.  I need to find a way to not only stay motivated, but to keep it in the front of my mind.  My life is very “out of sight, out of mind”.  If it’s not right in front of me, I’ll forget it.  NO MATTER HOW IMPORTANT IT IS!

In the meantime, I can recall lines, actors, plot points, and discrepencies in a movie I saw 12 years ago.  I hate my frikkin’ memory.

Well, on to news:

  • Back to the doctor last week.  ALT and AST (liver toxins) are mildly elevated.  Joy.  Back to another year long treatment of Prednisone and Imuran.  Mix in weekly blood tests for a while then just monthly.  Liver disease, liver disease, go away.  Liver disease me some other day.
  • Daily workout at the gym.  NOT.  Still can’t get the gumption up to go.  I don’t get it.  I’ve gone before, I feel better (other than my damn feet), but I can’t seem to shake the fact that “I don’t feel like going to the gym”.  What the f*ck?  Why do I have no control over myself.  That brings me to…
  • Weight – 330lbs.  Too much.  Must lose weight.  While I am all for “fat acceptance” or more appropriately, proper self-image, 330 is too much for me.  I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  For reference I am 5’10″ tall.
  • Every day I make a mental list of all the ways I’ve failed in life.  (Idea!  I need to blog about all the ways I’ve succeeded in life!)

I don’t know what else to say.


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